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September 29, 2009

“Pink fire trucks cruise across America”
Mark your calendar for the Denver Race for the Cure; encourage your family to participate.
Read about cancer survivors here.
Read more survivor stories and see how they give hope to others.
Find out about King Soopers’ October specials to raise awareness for breast cancer.
Click on one of the volunteers’ names to hear their story of why they work hard to raise money for cancer research.

“Missing children found; kids, be safe!”
Get your parents to read and discuss these tips with you.
Parents, find out where the registered offenders are in your area:
Play games and puzzles that are not only really cool and fun – they’re educational! Click to play and be safe.
Pick a puzzle and play – click on the “games” section to learn have fun, then take a field trip to get some safety tips.
Take your pick – fun games to play that help you learn tips and rules for staying safe.

“Rockies ready for another ‘Rocktober’”
Try a baseball word scramble or step up to the plate for a homerun hit.
Batter up! Try this online baseball game.
Can you launch a t-shirt to a baseball fan? With just a click of the mouse, you can. Try it!

“New book shares stunning world records”
See who holds the record for largest human mattress dominoes. Check out other records, too:
Try your hand at breaking Guinness records, online:
Think you can set a record on World Record Day on November 12, 2009? Register.
Read other kid-written articles at:

September 22, 2009

“Beyond the lemonade stand: Young entrepreneurs exhibit businesses”
Read all about the competition and find out how you can participate next year.
Read interviews with some 20-something-year-old entrepreneurs to learn about their creative ideas:
Find out how this brother/sister team started a small, non-profit business to help the troops.
Play some really cool math games at this site:
Try your hat at running your own lemonade stand. You have 30 seconds to play the first round:

“Colorado city shines on top of list”
Check out all 100 winners for the best places to live in the U.S. Do you know someone in any of these towns?
Help you parents plan the next family vacation in Colorado:
See how well you know the states in America with this fun, fast game.

“Internet time soars; family time slips”
Use this calendar to find some fun ideas for your family, every day of the month.
Check out all these great ideas for special nights with your family. Share some of the ideas with classmates.
Here’s another site with family suggestions. Choose one, then turn off the computer and get busy having family fun.

“‘Fame’ sizzles with energy and passion”
Find a trailer (preview) and meet the cast of the movie on this site.
Click on the links of the left to play musical games.

September 15, 2009

“H1N1 (“swine flu”) has many worried sick”
Learn to be a healthy hero! Download a fun activity book with coloring pages, stickers, and puzzles.
Next month is Children’s Health Month. Print out these games and puzzles to learn more about staying healthy:
Get tips to help avoid H1N1 and seasonal flu:
Healthy habits with Elmo:
Print this poster and hang it in your classroom:

“Astronauts say that space smells”
Click here to get the latest news about and view pictures of the accomplishments of the International Space Station:
Explore the space patch, timeline, photos, and more about the STS-128 mission
Want to be an astronaut? Read what it takes to become one.
Print a few space coloring pages here:

Rockies hitting their stride”
See how many games are left in the season. Find out when and where the Rockies play in September and October:
Read about a new record on an infield grounder, set by a Seattle Mariner player.

“Come be a-MAZE-d at the corn maze”
Get schedules and updates so you can plan your trip to the gardens.
Find a gazillion (maybe just slightly less) recipes for using popcorn.
View some amazing pictures of corn mazes.

“Whoa! That’s a long way down!”
Take a virtual visit of the Eiffel Tower by clicking on the link on the right at this site:
Read other kid-written articles at:

September 8, 2009

“Kids, it’s your Colorado; get out and enjoy it”
Looking for something to do outside? Here’s a full list of fun, outdoor activities.
Ten more cool games to play outside.
Read the press release and click on the bill of rights to see a colorful poster about the Outdoor Bill of Rights. Try to accomplish all throughout the school year!
Click on “Read the List” to find dozens more outdoor ideas.
Scroll down to look at various pictures of the kids’ outdoor campaign.

South Africa: a world apart, a world together”
Read about Miranda’s charity and see how you can help.
Find more student-written stories at:
Find out how you can help furnish clean drinking water for a child in Africa or supply an African family with a goat and two chickens to provide food:
See which countries in Africa you can name with this geography online game:

“Win your own tree with new online game”
Play the game and win your tree.
Find coloring pages, puzzles, games, and videos about the great outdoors.
Find out about the secret lives of wild animals, including videos at this site:
Find the closest wildlife refuge to your home on this interactive map:

“Lifting up lives through laughter”
Learn to tell jokes and get a few laughter-lines to share with others.
Read more about the Dantzler siblings and find out if you can help others through humor.

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